(4) 8" Froghead industries LED-RGB speakers bluetooth Aux and usb charging port


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Froghead Industries 6.5

Froghead Industries 6.5" Speaker


Bazooka 6x9 LED RGB Marine Speaker

Bazooka 6x9 LED RGB Marine Speaker


Froghead Industries 6.5

Froghead Industries 6.5" LED RGB Marine Speaker



8" Kicker Marine Speaker


Froghead Industries 8

Froghead Industries 8" LED RGB Speaker


Kicker 6.5

Kicker 6.5" Marine Speaker LED RGB


Kicker 8

Kicker 8" LED RGB Marine Speaker


JL Audio 7.7

JL Audio 7.7" LED RGB Marine Speaker


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Product Overview

(4) 8" Froghead Industries LED-RGB marine speakers, marine dome light, Bluetooth Audio receiver, Aux and Usb charging port and a PSL300.4 Amplifier



(4) 8" froghead industries LED-RGB marine speakers


Bluetooth audio receiver with Aux, and a Usb charging port.

Self contained unit with hardware included

Our parts are marine grade and designed to with stand years of rugged use. They have a minimum thickness of 5/16 of an inch. Froghead Industries uses the best HDPE to resist scratches and fading.

America Proud

Our parts are made here in the USA and assembled in house.

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